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What is lithography?

Lithography, or stone printing, is a type of flatbed printing: the ink is not on higher or lower lying sections. Rather, the entire stone is flat. Water and grease repel. A drawing is made on a suitable piece of limestone with crayon (grease). This is fixated with gum arabic. The gum makes the part of the stone that has not been drawn upon, more receptive to water. An acid can be added to the gum. Only parts of the stone that have not been drawn upon will be affected by the acid. This ensures that the drawing that will be inked and printed, remains.

More information
> A lecture by master printer Aad Hekker (PDF)
> Below, a video from the Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam about lithography

Aad Hekker

The Master Printer at Basement Press


Aad Hekker (1950)
Followed practical training in Amsterdam at Grafisch Collectief Thoets, became speed press printer at the Steendrukkerij Amsterdam and has run Steendrukkerij Aad Hekker in Amsterdam for over 30 years. He is lithography teacher and guest teacher at various art academies, like Willem de Koning in Rotterdam and the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam. Aad wrote the Vakboek van de Lithographie (Manual for Lithography). He is part of the BPD board and is also board member of the Archaeopteryx Actuele Grafiek and the Jakob Kruijff Foundation. He was chief editor of the VOG-Bulletin (now Grafiekmagazine RAAM).
In 2016, together with Willem Oudenampsen, Aad founded the lithography print studio in Diepenheim.

Corona rules

Because the courses take place in a space where we cannot always adhere to the 1.5-meter rule, where the ventilation is not optimal and where wearing a face mask at all times is impractical, we ask participants to adhere to the following two rules:
1 Stay home in the event of signs of cold or flu. Course payments can be reimbursed or you can catch up at another time, in consultation.
2 Let yourself be tested before the course or do a home test. You are only welcome with a negative test. This also applies to teachers, of course.

Use of the print studio

There are a number of options for using the print studio. The Basement Press Diepenheim Foundation applies the following rates (* = student rates):

Key ring
Can use the print studio at any time including standard printing materials, excluding edition paper. Contact for more information.
Per year: € 850.00 (excl. 21% VAT) | € 1028.50 (incl. 21% VAT)

10-day punch card
10-day use of the print studio including standard printing materials, including advice with ‘hands behind the back’, excluding edition paper. Prior to obtaining a 10-day punch card, a workshop must be taken.
Per 10 days: € 220.00 / € 100.00* (excl. 21% VAT) | € 266.20 / € 121.00* (incl. 21% VAT)

Single day
1-day use of the print studio including standard printing materials, including advice with ‘hands behind the back’, excluding edition paper. Evidence of experience in lithographic techniques is required.
Per day: € 35.00 / € 22.00* (excl. 21% VAT) | € 42.35 / € 26.62* (incl. 21% VAT)

Minor assistance
Assistance from master printers
Per hour: € 44.00 (excl. 21% VAT) | € 53.24 (incl. 21% VAT)

Workshops of 2 or more days are given by the master printers. A workshop needs a minimum of 4 participants to take place. Prices include all materials excluding paper and excluding lodging.
Monoprints 1 day: € 120.00 (excl. 21% VAT) | € 145,20 (incl. 21% VAT)
Per 2 days: € 235.00 (excl. 21% VAT) | € 284,35 (incl. 21% VAT)
Per 3 days: € 325.00 (excl. 21% VAT) | € 393,25 (incl. 21% VAT)
Per 4 days: € 380.00 (excl. 21% VAT) | € 459,80 (incl. 21% VAT)
Per 5 days: € 435.00 (excl. 21% VAT) | € 526,35 (incl. 21% VAT)

Master Classes
Master Classes are given with guidance from a visual artist and the master printers. In order to be given, a master class needs at least 5 participants. Prices include all materials except paper. Lodging is not included.
Per 5 days: from € 750.00 (excl. 21% VAT) | € 907,50 (incl. 21% VAT)

Printers for printers
Prices like workshops but with surcharge.
Per day € 21,– (excl. 21% VAT) | € 25,41 (incl. 21% VAT)

Printing orders
Quotation upon request

For mediation related to the sale of prints, Basement Press charges 33% commission (excl. VAT) on the sale price (excl. 9% VAT).

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