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There are very few artists left who are skilled at lithography, and even among many print studio masters at the academies, crucial craftsmanship is lacking. Basement Press Diepenheim fills the gap. BPD is the best equipped print studio in the Benelux and uses professional lithography presses.

With the professional guidance of two master lithographers, visual artists and fine arts students can get acquainted with the technique, or continue their research to maintain the lithography craftsmanship, disseminate the expertise, and develop it further. Artists are stimulated to make lithographs, and to perfect their graphic techniques and skills and pass these on. Thanks to the presence of four lithography presses ten people can easily work simultaneously.

BPD is also equipped to print wood and linoleum cuts. There is, among others, a museum platen press dating back to 1842. Furthermore, there is an intaglio press for making etches and printing plate lithographs.

What’s learned in the cradle, lasts to the tomb: pupils from elementary and secondary schools are welcome in our print studio.

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Knowledge and education center

BPD is developing into an international center of knowledge in the area of lithography. Master classes and courses are organized regularly.
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We are selectively building up a high quality collection of graphic art.
Selections from the collections are permanently exhibited.


BPD is also a publishing house. Since 2016 prints from, among others Arno Kramer, Remco Dikken, Nour-Eddine Jarram, Caren van Herwaarden, Hanneke Francken en Kim Habers have been printed in commission.

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