Lenneke van der Goot

Lenneke van der Goot’s works originate while drawing, scratching, erasing, wrinkling and cutting. For her, the combination of intuitive and structured actions are of major importance. She uses her drawings to give shape to her own imaginary worlds. They are places that you can imagine existing, but that are disconnected from reality. They invite the viewer to look long and extensively, in order to wander through them in their imagination.

In our urban surroundings, every square meter seems to have a function. In her drawings, Van der Goot stands up for dysfunctional buildings. They are imposing, mysterious, fragile or just extremely massive. Can you enter? What is its purpose? Are they meeting places? The work raises more questions than answers. Often we see abstract and mathematical shapes, created very precisely with a sense of depth. If you look more carefully, you see that there is friction. The imperfection is part of the work and emphasizes the hand of the maker.

In 2020 Lenneke van der Goot integrated the technique of lithography into her drawings at Steendrukkerij Aad Hekker in Amsterdam and at Basement Press Diepenheim consecutively. During this project, in which experimentation had priority over printing an edition, an interesting crossover occurred between various techniques, resulting in unique works: lithograph drawings.

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